We're Wise Women. We meet and collaborate, sharing financial acumen and gaining knowledge in a facilitated setting.   The club is a forum for women to get together and support each other in mapping out the path to reach financial dreams and gain understanding while traveling together on our journey to financial well-being and wealth. 

We will meet regularly and may explore topics such as saving for college, beating back debt, concerns we may have about our aging parents, retirement planning, career disruption and our savings plans.  An entire club cycle can incorporate more than 40 areas of financial interest for women over their entire lifetime.   We may work on debt reduction, savings plans, or focus on how to impart financial knowledge to our children. We utilize a framework developed by the non-profit Women's Institute for Financial Education (www.Wife.org).   

The less you know about money, the more you need to join Wise Women's Wealth Club. 

There is no initiation cost to join. Fall sessions are being planned now!  For More Information enter your contact information below.  

Guest Speakers may include:

  • Estate,  Elder and Family Law Attorneys
  • Health care Professionals
  • Experts on Public Health systems 
  • Insurance Experts (non sales) to review insurance types and how to get claims paid.

Improving your financial life through knowledge and planning

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WISE Women's Wealth Club

Empowering Women in a Supportive Environment

It is important to understand our relationship with money and  to know how to ensure we make good choices. 

Women are often left behind financially.  Let's change that!.

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Topics may include

  • Overcoming Money  Worry
  • Divorce Concerns
  • Education Expenses
  • Business borrowing
  • Budgeting
  • Your Money Personality
  • Establishing Credit
  • Social Security

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