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  1. College-level Financial Literacy
  2.  Car Buying Workshop
  3. Career Planning
  4. Investing 101
  5. Building Your Financial Foundation

The Road to Retirement Workshop        

Personalized Instructor Led Financial Education

For all ages, our modular professionally developed course material and activities cover concepts in areas of Financial Psychology:  Accounts, Saving and Budgets: Income, Career, Business and Entrepreneurship; Credit, Debt and Loans, Risk Management and Insurance. All materials delivered by a Certified Financial Literacy instructor incorporating material developed by the nonprofit Financial Educators Council.  

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 Children will learn about making choices, growing waiting muscles and learning, saving concepts  They will learn a SMART Money system.  

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Beginner Pk-2nd grade 

Why  would I pay for a retirement workshop when I can take one for free at the steak house or at a seminar at work? 

The typical "free seminar" is a sales pitch offering people products sold by the presenter or the presenter's sponsor.

 At Investment Republic, our classes and workshops  are not sales pitches.   The coursework is based on  curriculum developed by the  Financial Educators Council and  is not designed to steer sales of products or services.

4 weeks, 8 hours of instruction    $79.00   

Bedford Location                 

Fall 2017 schedule is coming soon! 

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Learn how financial psychology develops and what your money attitudes are.  Develop methods to change your financial behavior. Explore budgeting and account management fundamentals. Explore banking elements and understand your credit profile.   Learn the qualities of loans and debt.  Find out how various jobs, careers, and entrepreneurship can impact your financial situation; lending capacity and retirement prospects.  Understand essential economic and government influences.  Learn the basics of risk management and insurance. Finally, learn how to evaluate your current retirement situation and outlook realistically. 


Financial Literacy Quizes

Financial Foundation Test   - 8 Questions

Test your ability to make financial decisions you may face when you first move out on your own.  

Advanced Financial Education Test - 8 Questions

Test a wide range of Financial Literacy Topics.  Suitable for High School or College Students and Adults of all ages

Road To Retirement Workshops

Improving your financial life through knowledge and planning

Adult Financial Foundations

Our most popular course!

Learn about Economic and Government influences that factor into retirement planning.  Understand the risks and elements of long-term care planning either with or without insurance.  Learn how to evaluate your current retirement situation.  Learn how to consider the impact of different withdrawal strategies as well as the impact of timing on Social Security income.  You can learn how various pension options can impact you and your family's financial situation.   You will develop an understanding of the challenges of retirement and how to transition into a phase of life where you are no longer earning an income.  You will learn about income strategies and how to develop a trusted team of advisors.  

2 weeks, 4 hours of instruction. 

Stay tuned for schedule

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