Improving your financial life through knowledge and planning

A club to enable women to collaborate,  discuss challenges and learn more  about money and the unique issues they face in a facilitated, motivating and supportive environment.

  • ​Budgeting
  • Divorce 
  • ​Financial Worry
  • Being a Caregiver

Develop Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Skills and Understanding. 

  • Building Your Nest Egg
  •  Debt Elimination Workshop
  •  Building Your Credit Rating
  •  Loan Qualification Workshop
  •  Investment Basics
  •  Budgeting 101.
  • For Adults and children.

 Develop the knowledge to make     informed decisions about retirement income,  government benefits, and health care in a non sales environment. 

  • Retirement Income Planning.
  • Risk Identification
  • ​Develop  a clear Retirement Vision.

Investment Republic

Wise Women's Wealth Club

   When I was young, my family lost everything in the 1987 Savings and Loan crisis. Everything I knew in life turned upside down.  Economic insecurity haunted me every day.   Armed with no financial knowledge acquired either in school or at home, I was living on my own and trying to pay for college.  

   I worked several jobs at odd hours earning minimum wage or tips and turned in aluminum cans for money.  I  read used "Money" magazines and Wall Street Journal newspapers at a lunch counter to try and self-educate.  I was confused and alarmed by what I read.  I didn't understand the implications of what was happening in the economy or how the markets and economy related to my life.  It didn't help that I did not understand the foreign language of Wall Street I encountered in the newspapers and magazines. 

   Loss and insecurity triggered the start of a journey to rebuild my family's wealth.  Along the way, I  have transformed from a financial illiterate struggling to survive into a highly skilled in demand financial professional.   Along the way, I've  mastered several areas of finance including wealth management, stock brokerage,  investment management, business balance sheets, grant management, cash flow, debt management and Medicaid Finance.  

   I have worked for two of the world's greatest financial institutions  - UBS and Merrill Lynch.  I've become the Executive Director of a regional capital management firm. I've managed millions and millions of dollars in investments for clients.  In nonprofit and government environments,  I have managed millions more handling the financial and programmatic components of long-term Medicaid services for thousands of people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

   My career has given me a unique 360-degree view of the cycles of finance in poverty and wealth for people.  I  have created plans for individuals, families, and corporations in both poverty and affluence, working with hundreds of individuals while solving a dizzying array of complex financial problems.  I've gained insights and learned lessons along the way.   It has been immensely enjoyable. 

   Despite the successes and opportunities to help people along the way, I see that something is missing in financial services.  The people who need financial literacy, planning and advice are the least able to access it.  Since no firms exist to provide financial literacy education and low-cost financial planning, I created  Investment Republic.  Investment Republic is the open concept Financial Planning and Literacy firm that I wish I'd had access to when I was getting started.  



                                                                   Kristina Ickes, Founder

                                                                     MBA, MFP, CFEI


I believe that sound financial planning is something everyone can benefit from at every stage of life. I believe that wealth is about each person and their perception of wealth, not the amount of money they have.  I recognize that there are stages in life and that wealth ebbs and flows with the financial seasons in life.    

The creation and maintenance of wealth matter to me when based on on your definition of what wealth means.  My clients and communities are foremost.   I provide financial planning and literacy programs across the entire spectrum of incomes and asset ranges including the 1%; but not disenfranchising the 99%.   

 As community citizens, I have created a firm that also recognizes my social responsibility.  Because Investment Republic is a Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), it differs from traditional Financial Planning corporations in Purpose, Accountability, and Transparency.  As a Benefit Corporation; Community and Environmental benefits are part of the corporate DNA. Investment Republic voluntarily meets higher standards. 

                                                             I do this because it's the right thing to do. 

Formed under new legislation in New Hampshire, the effects of business decisions must include consideration of a broad array of stakeholders that include shareholders, employees, subsidiaries, suppliers, customers, the community, and the environment. Investment Republic incorporates green business practices; and will donate a portion of profits to Financial Literacy programs.  

What you will find is simple, straightforward planning, insight, and guidance.   I'll ask provocative questions and encourage you to seek answers, or facilitate classes and group discussions.   Bring your child to our meetings; bring your dog or wear your slippers. I won't mind.   Come and discuss what matters to you.  

Kristina Ickes holds a BA in Philosophy and Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and several professional and technical certifications.   She has achieved a Series 7 and 66 licenses, holds the ® MFP designation, is a Certified Financial Literacy Instructor(CFEI), and maintains NH, OH,  and ME  Life, Health and Accident Insurance licenses.  

Kristina serves as the Executive Director for Weatherhelm Capital Management; a fast growing regional capital management firm with operations in NY, NH and VT; headquartered in NY.   She has worked for UBS and Merrill Lynch in roles as a Financial Advisor and Senior Financial Advisor to individuals and corporations.  Kristina has held senior IT (CIO)  and Finance (CFO) roles in nonprofit and governmental organizations focusing on Home and Community Based Long Term Supports and Services for the Elderly and Disabled populations.    She has engaged in bond financing for real estate portfolios and been involved in private equity investing.  She earned specialized financial certification for working with families with disabled family members as a Certified Special Needs Advisor (CSNA). 

Kristina has been a Trustee of the NH Children's Trust. She has been a foster parent and a Rotarian.  She has served as an Ambassador with the Concord Chamber of Commerce and has served on numerous Boards and Committees throughout New England.  

Kristina is a sought after speaker and presenter.  She has served as a Volunteer Speaker for the Finance Series presented by Community Teamwork, Lowell, MA.  Kristina has provided member education for the Concord Chamber of Commerce in Concord, NH and served as the Keynote Speaker for the Women’s Financial Wellness Summit in Andover, MA in 2012..  She is currently penning her first book on Women' and Finance. She is recognized as a "Women of Strength" in the Greater Boston area. 

As a result of her education and experience, Kristina brings a 360 degree understanding of financial barriers and opportunities in life and is committed to enabling people to live with real financial knowledge. Kristina resides in Candia NH where she shares her home with her husband, children, and a menagerie of cats, horses, and dogs. 


* AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® MFP Master Financial Professional ™ Financial Planner

** National Financial Educators Council  

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