We're on a mission to improve Financial Literacy Skills and make Financial Planning more accessible to people in our community.  As a part time start up, micro business with fewer than 30 operating hours a month we are not able to meet full metrics for a B Lab B corporation certification; particularly in areas of environmental impact; as we strive to achieve full operations and have a more significant impact, there are areas where we will improve.

A B Lab B Impact Review supplies a 34.5 score compared to 80 – 140 range for other businesses during FY 2016.  However, the ranking is based on an expectation of full operations where Investment Republic is in start up mode and is fully owner financed at this point in time. 

During FY 2016, the firm organized as a Benefit Corporation in the State of NH, developed banking relationships with a credit union, the owner engaged in efforts to achieve status as a Certified Financial Literacy instructor.  Operations were assessed in December of 2016 and a decision was made to reorganize operations during FY 2016.

Areas of weakness noted include environmental and charitable contribution.  However the many of the environmental questions are inapplicable to the organizational structure (ie – leased office space over which there is no control of water utilization for instance) and since the organization is in start up mode, it is operating a loss and not a profit and had not reached a cash flow positive state for FY 2016 and pro bono work was performed for proof of concept. Further as the business operationalizes, attacts customers and reaches a cash flow positive state and profitability; charitable contributions will be made.  There is already pro-bono work being done.  A portion of profits will be donated to two identified 501c3 charitable organizations (WIFE.org; the Women’s Institute for Financial Education)

It will be very exciting as the business evolves and fulfills it's mission!

Below is information extracted from the first B Lab Review that has been voluntarily performed to assess operations.


B Lab B Impact Review

This report shows how your company's responses to each question compare to other businesses.

Investment Republic

For Calendar Year Ending: Dec 31, 2016

Above Average Responses



Average Responses



Below Average Responses




Above Average Responses

Customer Impact Business Model Introduction
Chemical Reduction Methods


Social or Environmental Screening of Suppliers


Impactful Banking Services


Community Service Policy


Female Directors


Female Ownership


Non-accredited Investor Ownership


Ownership Diversity


Mission Lock


Mission Statement Characteristics


Average Responses

Total Customer Organizations


Environmental Business Model


Total Scope 3 GHGs


Total Scope 2 GHGs


Total Scope 1 GHGs


Total Waste Recycled


Total Waste Disposed


Total Water Use


Total Renewable Energy Use


Total Energy Use


Type of Facilities


Community-Oriented Business Models


Significant Supplier Descriptions


Geographic Structure and Scope


Charitable Organizations Supported


Total Amount of Charitable Donations


Total Amount of Volunteer Service Hours


Ownership from Underrepresented Groups


Low-income Ownership


Net Income Year Before Last


Net Income Last Year


Earnings Before Interest & Taxes Year Before Last


Earnings Before Interest & Taxes Last Year


Revenue Last Year


Reporting Currency


Last Fiscal Year


Social/Environmental Key Performance Indicators


Mission Statement


Level of Impact Focus


Below Average Responses

Hazardous Waste Disposal


Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Water Conservation Practices


Facility Energy Efficiency


Increasing Renewable Energy


Low Impact Renewable Energy Use


Monitoring Water Usage


Monitoring Energy Usage


Facility Improvement with Landlord


Virtual Office Stewardship


Environmental Management Systems


Recycling Programs


Green Building Standards


Revenue from Certified Products


Independent Contractor Practices


Supplier Evaluation Practices


Supplier Screen Topics


Spending on Local Suppliers


% of Revenue Donated


Volunteer Service Per Capita


Supplier Diversity Policy


Supplier Ownership Diversity


Directors from Underrepresented Populations


Minority Directors


Directors from Low-income Communities


Board of Directors Diversity


Nonprofit Ownership


Public Feedback Channel


Client Protection Warranty


Impact Reporting


Reviewed / Audited Financials


Governing Body Stakeholder Representation


Governing Body Characteristics


Governance Structures


Stakeholder Engagement


Board Review of Social/Environmental Performance


For FY 2016 which is the inception of Investment Republic, this is our first annual report.   The business plan it to allow for organic growth on a part time basis.  This is not an investor funded corporation.  I am the only investor and  working to gain traction by investing my own financial and professional resources to build a profitable Benefit Corporation under new legislation in New Hampshire. The concept is new, and requires proof of concept.  There will be periods of learning and opportunities to improve.  

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